Quite excited to share this interview I did with one of Denmark's leading 3D print journals. It is always fun to open the doors to the atelier and talk about the work that is done.

Link to full interview here: http://3dpdanmark.dk/2017/05/17/kompromisloest-og-kreativt-3d-design/ ( in Danish )

English translated version below. Interview text ©2017 Søren Winsløw | sw@agi.dk | http://3dpdanmark.dk

Uncompromising and creative 3D design

Anton Angheluta can do something with 3D, which is not so much puzzling. With a solid craft background as a dental technician, where material knowledge, milling and moulding are essential elements, and with a burning interest in creative 3D design, he delivers designs for the jewellery, gaming and interior industries.


With a software designed for gaming and animation design, Anton Angheluta has found a tool that gives him the desired design freedom.

For the past six years, he has worked digitally with 3D design and has used a variety of tools. Currently, it is ZBrush from Pixologic, which is actually developed for computer games and animation films. About the background of the election, Anton Angheluta says:

- Most 3D programs are developed by and for engineers, and with high precision as goals. It often goes beyond the creative features. For materials that are primarily handled by human hands, the solution in ZBrush is all abundant and has an accuracy of up to 1/1000 mm. And then the freedom is almost total. I work completely as with pen and paper or as with a clay but instead, I just use pen and tablet.

Personal style goes through
As a platform, Anton Angheluta uses a Wacom Mobile Studio Pro Tablet, which is easy to carry and therefore provides high levels of freedom in relation to the collaboration with the customer - and that is important. Angheluta's customers are often very detailed-oriented and with very special wishes for jewelry, figurines or interior. Working with the high degree of freedom provided by ZBrush also has another effect that Anton Angheluta appreciates.

ZBrush is an uncompromising design tool, and by gaining the confidentiality of the program, as I have now, I can more and more create my own identity in the design. I simply experience people recognising my designs because my personal style is through. Of course, it is a craftsman of course happy.

Customers want more creativity
Customers are also looking forward to the opportunities that open up Anton Angheluta's more creative approach to design. For example, a lot of 3D design is made in more traditional 3D programs, bearing the touch of it or the whole mindset behind, just not very creative. But, in all, Anton Angheluta experiences an increasing interest in his design and has recently received a request from an English gaming company who would like him to design characters for a board game.

Once a 3D design is completed, he will often only be able to send a file to the customer who then takes care of the rest of the process. But other times he makes models, prototypes or molds with his 3D printer. For that purpose, he bought a Form2 SLA printer from Formlabs a year ago.

- I print on it daily, both for my own sake and also to show our customers what we’re doing before we hit the button, where it really costs money.

Anton Angheluta sees himself as a digital designer or sculptor.

Sculptor on a digital platform
Anton Angheluta looks first and foremost as a designer or sculptor, just on a digital platform. He does not see himself computerised but a craftsman. Nevertheless, his extensive knowledge of digital creative 3D design is sought after, and he has held a presentation at the Copenhagen Academy of Business (KEA) and is also asked if he wants to hold lectures at international fairs and conferences.

Interview text ©2017 Søren Winsløw | sw@agi.dk | http://3dpdanmark.dk