With the increasing demand for quality digital precision sculpting and rapid prototyping, many of the older cad software and services are no longer able to keep up. Atelier Angheluta Prototyping Service is the answer to those demands. With more than 12 years of wax and digital sculpting combined with production experience and 3D printing, in sectors like - Industrial design, Jewellery production, Prosthetics, Art and the Toy industry, you are ensured a digital artisan that understands your current and future production needs.

We pride ourselves with a personal service that will fit well within your existing production setup, be it for large production runs or high end bespoke commissions. Our many years of experience in digital sculpting and manufacturing together with material and production knowledge from a wide range of fields, ensures we speak the same language and that we can advise you on a optimal digital production within your company's direction.

At Atelier Angheluta we are fortunate to provide our Prototyping Service to noticeable jewellery brands both nationally and internationally. Each with their own requirements and needs, something we can accomodate to any extent.


Below are just some of the solutions we supply - please get in touch with you specific production requirements and we will happy to assist.


- Production expertise. - Faster product development cycle. - 12 years of sculpting experience.       

- Artisan advisor. -  Experienced with scan data. - Look and feel of hand sculpting with the precision of CAD -

- Product/Design development. - Organic Workflow -  High end product visualisation.


For a free consultation please contact us on atelier@angheluta.com - international customers can also contact us on skype.